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《Wildlife Protection》SectionⅥ PPT课件

《Wildlife Protection》SectionⅥ PPT课件 详细介绍:

《Wildlife Protection》SectionⅥ PPT课件《Wildlife Protection》SectionⅥ PPT课件《Wildlife Protection》SectionⅥ PPT课件《Wildlife Protection》SectionⅥ PPT课件

《Wildlife Protection》SectionⅥ PPT课件



1.The book that I bought on the net ____________ (激发) my interest.

2.An ____________(感情) is a feeling such as happiness, love, fear or anger.

3.A ____________(海豚)is always well-known as a clever and friendly animal.

4.If these suggestions are well carried out, the city’s pollution will be greatly ____________ (减少).

5.In nature, you may see many ____________ (昆虫)and animals of different colors.

6.It is reported that a new park in the north of our __________________ (街区) will be built soon.

7.Although there was nothing special, it was ____________ (不寻常的) to me because I had never been on plane before.

8.When the autumn comes, the air is so dry that people’s ____________ (皮肤) becomes dry, too.


1.All people in the neighborhood __________________ (关心) the diet safety.

2.I don’t think people ________ really __________ (意识到) just how much it costs.

3.This type of music is often played at sporting events to ________________(激起) the emotions of fans.

4.“To ________________ (帮助摆脱困难)” means “to volunteer” or to give help where it is needed.

5.As days went on, this pair of pandas slowly ________________ (适应) the new environment.

6.We can ________________(搜寻) interesting information in and out of the classroom by cell phones.

7.________________(由于) the use of this medical technology, some diseases can be treated at an early stage.

8.The cars send off a lot of poisonous gases, which in turn ________________ (增加) the already serious air pollution.


1.My dad gave me the binoculars so that we can see the birds better.


[仿写] 我会努力学习以便我将来能成为一名工程师。

I will study hard _____________________________________________________.

2.When it comes to wildlife protection, all species—the good, the bad, and the ugly—should be treated equally.说到野生动植物保护时,所有的物种——好的、坏的和丑的——都应该得到平等的对待。

[仿写] 说到英语,她没学那么好。

__________________________________, she is not so good.

3.It is for this reason that the WWF constantly puts up information to stir up public interest in the welfare of the planet.正因为这个原因,世界自然基金会不断发布信息,以激发公众对地球福利的兴趣。



1.He bought a fish net and a jar of coffee from the net, and the net weight of the jar of coffee is 180 grams.


2.Our contract is due on this Friday, so I have to pay the final due to the company.Besides, due to the increasing price, my due product will cost me more money.




neighbour (n.& adj.)→neighbourhood (n.)


usual (adj.)→unusual (adj.)


1.so that...“目的是,为了”,引导目的状语从句,也可以引导结果状语从句。

2.when it comes to...当说到……时;谈及。

3.it is...that...为强调句型。 

... ... ...

Wildlife Protection PPT,第二部分内容:课时要点突破

1.reduce vt.减少 reduction n.减少

It is reported that living spaces for wildlife are being reduced due to the cutting of trees.(教材P18)据报道,砍伐树木使得野生动物的生存空间正在减少。

[合作探究] 体会reduce的用法和意义

The current death rate is reduced by 10% compared with that of the year of 1980.


The park has been reduced to half its former size.



①reduce...____________... 把……减少了……

②reduce...____________...  把……减少到……

[巩固内化] 补全句子/翻译句子

①He weighed 75 kilos last month, and now his weight _____________________ 10 kilos.


②We all need to search for ways to reduce carbon footprint.

2.due adj.由于;因为;到期的;预期的;应付的; 应得的n.应付款;应得之物(教材P18)

[合作探究] 体会due的用法和意义

The dictionary of the tenth edition is due to be published next month.


The take-off of the flight has been delayed due to the bad weather.


She decided to take the test only one month before the due date in June.


3.It is for this reason that the WWF constantly puts up information to stir up public interest in the welfare of the planet.(教材P22)


【句式解读】句中It is...that...结构是强调句型强调状语for this reason,that在句中没有实际意义,只起连接作用。

【用法总结】当需要强调句中的主语、宾语、状语时,常用“It is/was+被强调部分+that/who...”句型,被强调的部分放在前面,其他部分置于that之后。

(1)基本结构:It is/was+被强调部分+that/who...

①It was about 600 years ago that the first clock with a face and an hour hand was made.大约600年前,世界上第一个有表盘和时针的钟被制造出来。

(2)一般疑问句结构:Is/Was it+被强调部分+that/who...?

②Is it a new bike that his brother wants to buy?


(3)特殊疑问句结构:特殊疑问词+is/was it+that...?

③When was it that you called me yesterday?


[名师提醒] (1)当被强调部分指人时,可用that或who;指物或时间、地点、原因等时,只能用that。




He read three books in the library yesterday.

①It was _______________________________ in the library yesterday.(强调主语)

②It was _______________________________ in the library yesterday.(强调宾语)

③It was _______________________________ three books yesterday.(强调地点状语)

④It was _______________________________ three books in the library.(强调时间状语)

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